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Hypnosis can help with many problems.

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Hypnosis is a state of consciousness in which your logical side is resting, so that the deeper levels of your unconscious mind can be used to benefit your health and well-being.

A hypnotic trance is a state of mind where your concentration is focused on relaxation. You will neither be wide awake, nor fully asleep. Deeply relaxed people are open to suggestion and that can allow you to manage fears, phobias and pain. You may be oblivious to your surroundings and very aware of your feelings and thoughts.

Levels of consciousness range from being fully awake to being fast asleep. Daydreaming, a moderate trance, and a deep trance lie in between. When you are alert, you may be running. When you are daydreaming, you will be thinking about running. In a moderate trance you imagine that you are running, and in a deep trance you will feel yourself running.

You have probably often been so absorbed in a TV programme or a book that you have become unaware of things around you. This is similar to a light trance.

Theory states that you have two sides to your brain. The left side (in most right-handed people) is the conscious side, is logical and analytical. The right side is subconscious and more concerned with fantasy and imagery. During hypnosis, you may be asked to count slowly or watch a moving object. Once your left brain finds nothing worth attending to, it switches off, leaving your right brain available for suggestions by the therapist.

Common Misconceptions.

You cannot be hypnotised, you can only hypnotise yourself.

You will not be asleep or unconscious.

You will hear every word the therapist says.

You will reject any suggestions that do not accord with your values or beliefs.

You will be in control, and you can finish the session any time you wish.

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